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66th 1951-2017

Japanese soul food

Our company has been selling rice in Japan for the last 64 years.
With our rich experience, latest technology and quality control in industrial production, we deliver safe and high quality products to our customers.
Since rice is one of Japan’s main staples, Japanese people eat it almost everyday which means for us it has to be safe, secure and healthy.

In future, we would like to take our product and technical know-how to other parts of the world. Anyone interested may contact: 4-2-7, Misakihonmachi, Hyogo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo-Japan Phone: +81-78-652-6336

About us

Company name HYOBEI CO.,LTD
President & CEO Satoshi Makishima
Establishment March 1951
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Location 4-2-7,Misakihonmachi,Hyogo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo-Japan
Phone number +81-78-652-6336


Commitment to safety

To make sure our product can be safe to consume anytime and anywhere, we check the quality of the paddy, moisture content and proper mill setting according to the requirements of the varieties of paddy’s milling characteristics, monitoring and also by replacing the spare parts of milling equipment we ensure our company’s commitment of delivering a safe and high quality product.

Products features

The products we create have different characteristics according to the method that will be cooked. It makes the cooking more easily allowing to our customers to taste the best of the best.

Shari Rice for sushi
It has a good compatibility with the vinegar and it solves when is put inside the mouth.
Rice for Chinese food
It is suitable for cook and has the peculiarity that keeps the shape of the particles after heating.
Rice for Donburi
This rice has the peculiarity that doesn’t get mix with other tastes inside the food.













Our company deal with domestic milling manufactures of wheat flour who owns bread, udon noodles and ramen noodles.

Tenobe Somen thin noodles

Somen has been eaten since ancient times in Japan.
Tenobe somen noodles are traditional Japanese wheat-based noodles that are produced manually using a sophisticated method called tenobe (literally, “hand stretched”). The Somen “Ibo No Ito” is the most famous brand of Japan and has noodles of 0.7 ~ 0.9 mm.

Ginjo-Shu (Sake)

Ginjo-shu is made with rice grains from which more than 40% of the outer layer has been removed by milling. Fermentation occurs at lower temperatures and takes longer. Distilled alcohol equivalent to up to 10% of the weight of the polished rice may be added.
It has a fruity fragrance, called ginjo-ka, with a light, that is low in acidity. “Light” does not simply mean “mild” or “diluted.” The sake should also have a smooth texture (mouth feel) and a good aftertaste. The specific characteristics of ginjo-shu vary by brewer, with the more fragrant varieties designed to highlight ginjo-ka and others designed with more emphasis on flavor and less on ginjo-ka.

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